• Hive is building smart customer knowledge and communications capability for marketers

Hive is based in Bristol and we’re a team of highly experienced marketing individuals. We understand the challenges of companies and marketers wishing to communicate with their customers – getting the right message to the right person at the right time – taking people on journeys they love!

As joint founders, Rob and Jon saw an opportunity to create a solution to the data problem most marketers were starting to encounter as the industry and marketing communication channels became increasingly digital and diverse.

Hive Intelligence Ltd was formed in 2010 and is privately held. The Hive Marketing Cloud software platform has been developed to provide capability for marketers to identify and segment their audience, and then orchestrate the marketing communications.

Our management – a team of marketing technology industry veterans

Meet the people behind the Hive Marketing Cloud they have many decades of experience within the marketing technology sector. This is put to work with great effect in creating the next generation marketing technology platform.

Rob Horton

Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder

Rob is a digital marketing technology expert.

He has spent the last 10 + years working with large marketing organisations such as Eurostar, Cancer Research UK and MoreThan to take their operational marketing needs and deliver successful technology-backed solutions.

Rob sets the functionality roadmap for our entire product range and works closely with clients and partners to ensure we continue to innovate faster than our competitors.

Jon Mitchell

Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder

Jon is the big data for digital marketing expert for Hive.

His expertise is developing marketing intelligence tools. Having held senior software architect roles at a number of the leading Marketing Service Providers he has successfully delivered a number of complex marketing-focused solutions to companies as diverse as the British Army and EON.

From architecture and design, to development and testing strategies, Jon ensures that clients and end-users can put their trust in our solutions.

Debbie Atherton

Chief Operating Officer

Debbie has over 25 years experience in marketing technology companies.

She started as an analyst, migrated into database design and build to do better analysis and campaigning, eventually heading up R&D teams to create better technology for Marketers to use.

She has built a career on striving for excellence and even took a sabbatical in 2011 to set up a delicatessen that was voted the best in the UK.

David Judd

Chief Commercial Officer

David has over 25 years experience as a marketing practitioner and consultant.

He has successfully setup and led marketing operations and digital teams with the purpose of evangelising customer-centricity. He has been a consumer of marketing technology in companies of various sizes and industries and has consulted on digital optimisation with leading brands.

David is passionate about improving marketing operations and is a regular contributor to the DMA and LinkedIn on subjects ranging from GDPR to operational frameworks.