A team of marketing technology industry veterans

Meet the people behind the Hive Marketing Cloud and see our history. Many decades of experience within the marketing technology sector is put to work in creating the next generation platform.

Hive is a privately held company founded in 2010 by Rob Horton and Jon Mitchell. The company was strengthened in 2014 when veteran marketing technology leaders Chris Underhill and Jonothon Butters became investors and joined the board. Chris and Jonothon are the founders of smartFOCUS who developed Viper (smartANALYZER), the original ‘train of thought’ data analytics tool. They are also previous owners of FastStats®.

“Chris and I understand data driven marketing. Hive represents the next generation of technology, offering seriously clever insights that deliver real results and at a sensible price point. This means it’s a perfect solution to the fragmented landscape digital marketing teams are facing today! Things keep getting bigger and more complicated, Hive simplifies it all.”  Jonothon Butters