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Email marketing best practice guidelines

Intro Email is the most used channel within marketing, with 105 billion (Wordstream, 2016) being sent out every day. Consumer mailboxes are becoming more and more competitive, making it imperative to make your email perfect. Otherwise, your message won’t be clear or resonate as you desire.   Load times To ensure your email is immediately […]

How to implement and optimise dynamic content

Intro Dynamic content is a tool often overlooked or under-utilised by marketers. The capabilities of dynamic content are extensive and need to be included. With features such as specific content blocks, countdown timers and customer specific information how can you not want to use it?   But with only 23% of marketers having the capability […]

Make the most of your Black Friday marketing

Intro Well, black Friday and cyber Monday ey? 2 dates fixed in the minds of consumers on the run-up to the big one… Christmas! You’ll see adverts of slashing prices, and companies saying they’re barely making a profit. But what can you do to maximise your profits? Putting a sale on is necessary, after all, […]

People buy from people

Intro People buy from people. Quality takes a backseat, even if someone made the best headphones for a reasonable price, you wouldn’t buy them if the brand were seen to support views that oppose you would you? Every brand is a person; they have values, attitudes and a sense of self. And this is the […]

How to stand out in the mailbox

Intro Email is the most used marketing channel, with 269 billion sent and received every single day. This demonstrates how competitive the channel is. But it’s still worth the effort, for every £1 you invest yields on average £28, representing a return on investment that no other channel can compete with. But to reach those […]

How to maximise Halloween marketing

Intro With Halloween comes a multitude of dodgy puns, brands jumping on the holiday bandwagon and those pesky egg-throwing teenagers. Halloween provides a great marketing opportunity, but needs smart implementation to ensure you stand out from the crowd. We’ve listed the common pitfalls of Halloween marketing, and a checklist to make sure you’re optimising the […]

Negative emotions produce positive outcomes

Intro How do brands align themselves with consumers and create loyalty? And how does this affect their emotion towards brands they favour and brands they don’t think of positively, and how does that affect their perception of individuals associated with these brands? These are all issues that marketers need to understand before positioning themselves in […]

Content marketing 101.

Intro Content marketing is on the rise, every marketer sees the value and wants to hop on the bandwagon. Many start writing without a plan, only to see limited reach and an even smaller amount that actually illicit any action. In this developing space, you need to know what you’re trying to achieve.   Content […]

Marketing, is it just the new word for persuasion?

Intro We distribute our content, consumers see it and then they purchase. That’s what everyone thinks, but it’s nowhere near that simple, a certain level of persuasion is required. The way information is processed and accepted or rejected is a much more complex procedure. Knowing your consumers, allows you to select the correct approach to […]