Build your Customer Journey

Increase conversion rates and customer lifetime value by engaging in a dialogue with your audience based on their behaviour

Using our intuitive workflow designer you can simply and easily build powerful customer journeys that contain a range decision points that allow you to evaluate and execute your next best action. Our powerful analytic tools quickly create segments you can drop directly into your journey.  Optimise each campaign through inclusion of control groups, A/B or multivariate testing. Deliver message content to email, SMS, Telephone, Direct Mail, Social and Ad Technologies.  Build in pauses to allow customers to evaluate your offers or just listen until an action is completed.  Simplify attribution by using our selectable response stages across online and office channels.  Chain journeys together as customers move through their lifecycle.

The Hive platform is deployed with a library of ‘fast start’ templates based on best practice.  This significantly reduces on-boarding time and helps quickly deliver results.