Customer Lifetime Value Model

The Hive Marketing Cloud is a platform that makes if affordable for marketers to grow customer lifetime value at scale

We do this by making it possible for marketers to solve their top three strategic marketing goals; customer acquisition, retention and growth, while solving their top three modern marketing challenges; managing customer journeys, customer value optimisation and customer experience.

Hive solves these three marketing challenges:

Customer Journeys are Complex

Marketers understand that customer interaction and buying patterns are highly complex, especially in a digital and multi-channel world. The Customer Journey in increasingly complicated, it is not linear and traditional funnel models just don’t work.

Customer value optimisation is challenging

Marketers know that optimising the value of every customer is a business imperative. More relevant and personalised content is needed to drive results in an increasingly competitive world. However, the ability to understand what makes everyone tick, the insight and context needed to make inspiring decisions about what, where and when is a daily marketing challenge.

Consistent experiences are difficult to achieve

Marketers recognise that a seamless and consistent customer experience is vital in maintaining relationships with discerning consumers with short attention spans. Marketing works in an age where the difficulties of refactoring copy and content across multiple channels and devices are never going away.