• Data Onboarding

    Seamlessly consolidate disparate customer data onto one marketing platform

The unique Hive data onboarding platform collects, integrates and receives data in real-time, from the systems and cloud services Marketers currently use.  We identify real people from their cookies, ID’s and email addresses and de-duplicate records and repeated values to allow the Marketer to see a one person at a time to track their purchase, messages and website history.  For the very first time Marketers have all the information they need, at their fingertips, to better increase conversions and engage based on individual customer behaviour.

Hive unifies fragmented data and systems through a powerful library of data integrations.  Data onboarding made simple.

Over 500 Data Integrations

Rapid and seamless data on-boarding

Today companies use a wide range of tools and systems to run their marketing operations;  websites, CRM, Ecommerce, customer support and social tools.  This leads to data being fragmented, often across the cloud, where valuable customer behaviour is lost as the data is not joined up.

Hive has built over 500 data integrations into leading technologies in order to create a Customer Data Platform where all it is organised and simplified in a single customer view for a marketing user, and all this without the need for significant IT assistance.

Audience Identification – The Hive Key Chain

Your customers are people not just numbers or email addresses

Customers have multiple email addresses, ID’s and cookies split across many devices. Identifying customer behaviour and rewarding customer loyalty are critical to the success of engagement driven marketing, so it is critical that a single view of the customer is visible.

The Hive Key Chain merges records together identifying where one customer has multiple accounts and interactions.  This allows the Marketer to build a better understanding and KPI’s around the “Person entity”, reducing list size, complexity and duplication.

As more and more commerce, marketing, social and message channels are used the challenge of consolidating into a single person becomes ever harder.  Hive simplifies that.

Data presented for marketing

Simply organise and categorise your data

Marketers look at data differently, not wanting to trawl through web clicks – just see what categories or pages customer have visited and are these the same people who go on to purchase?

Hive organises data around the customer making it easy to categorise information and turn it into the language that is used within their organisation.

Data is collected and stored at the most granular level, one click; one open; one purchase.  Nothing is calculated or aggregated in advance giving total flexibility.