• Message Unification

    Enable multi-channel consistency of brand, message and content

You have many opportunities to communicate with your customers. Email, SMS, push messaging, direct mail, telephone, paid search, display advertising and more. Our open integration framework allows you to unify messaging channels into the Hive Marketing Cloud. The power of presenting each customer with the right message at the right time only works if your marketing platform can integrate with all of your messaging channels. Can yours?

Email is still the most used and highest ROI channel for Marketers. When you switch on your Hive Marketing Cloud you have access to our embedded email channel and UNLIMITED email sends.

Right message, right time

Connect your message channels to your data

Customers respond to messages in different ways, either engaging in social or in-app as opposed to opening direct mail or picking up the telephone.

It just makes sense, use the channel that is most productive, relevant and contextual.  Messaging is not just about sending, you need to listen for the response.  Are your customer opening your emails, visiting your website, calling your contact centre or visiting your store.

Hive Marketing Cloud delivers multi-channel attribution to ensure your messages are heard.

Hive embedded email

Simply organise and categorise your data

Email is still the most direct, accessible and highest returning message channel and typically is at the centre of your communication strategy.  Our Marketing Cloud comes complete with our own email channel, ready to go.  You can build content with our advanced drag and drop editor that has support for highly personalised messages with rich dynamic content.  Personalisation is all about data, what do you know about your customers and they spend and browsing behaviour.  Hive simplifies that by direct access to the underlying single customer view database directly into your email content.

Unify message channels

Your customers are people not numbers or email addresses

Messaging systems are different service providers, applications and formats.  Your ESP doesn’t send letters, Facebook doesn’t send emails.  Hive unifies messaging systems allowing you to build customer journey campaigns where messages are sent via different channels based on each customers preferences and behaviour.  True 1-to-1 people marketing.  We have a range of integration options available to deploy immediately and our specialist team are on hand to simplify the process.